Happiness and Humans.

I love meeting new people and sharing their stories, data and research with the world.

We discuss research, data, evidence and the stories of people focused on improving the world of work.

Matt has the ability to connect his wide knowledge of people from all walks of life and industries and apply it you your needs and situation, providing tangible, realistic ideas and concepts that can be adapted and used straight away. He will light up your event/business and really challenge your thinking, but in an open, welcoming manner!

Mark Campbell
Knowledge Exchange Manager
Agriculture and Horticulture Development Board

Matt delivered a session for us on Employee Wellbeing. He connected straight away with the audience and presented evidence-based insights to which everyone in the room could relate. He also led a breakout session, taking time to work with everyone in the room. He dug deep into the data, sharing his experiences and making us all reflect on what healthy change looks like in our organisations.

Dr Alexandra Anderson
Associate Professor
Sheffield Business School